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Indulge In An Exciting Christmas Collection By Elevete Patisserie

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 NOVEMBER 2022 – From a selection of cupcakes, macarons to cakes and brownies, covered with festive Christmas decorations, local brand Elevete Patisserie has elevated its seasonal collection with more delicacies options to choose from. Available from now until 30 December 2022, customers can look forward to an array of options for gift giving, year-end gatherings or simply for self-indulgence.

It’s easy with Elevete Patisserie this Season of Gifting

Elevete Patisseries has made it easy for the season of gifting with plenty of delicacies to choose from. Apart from the Elevete Patisserie staples, the patisserie introduced the Christmas Gâteaux de Voyage Trio, a selection of travel cakes adapted to an easy-to-carry style, a choice for your perfect gift, emergency cake for surprise visitors or simply just to indulge at home with a cup of tea.

The Gâteaux De Voyage Trio comprises of the following variations: 

Grandma’s Fruit Cake with Biscoff Ganache, Apricot Glaze (RM 120)
  • The Grandma’s Fruit Cake with Biscoff Ganache, Apricot Glaze is a modern take on the traditional Grandma’s Fruit Cake. Made with mixed fruits soaked in orange juice, walnuts and cinnamon, stuffed with Biscoff ganache and glazed with apricot.
Raspberry Kaffir Lime Pound Cake with Raspberry Jam & Lime Glaze (RM 120)
  • The Raspberry Kaffir Lime Pound Cake with Raspberry Jam & Lime Glaze gives a refreshing option for those looking for a twist of a traditional pound cake. The pound cake is infused with an aromatic Kaffir Lime, balanced with the tanginess of our homemade raspberry jam, topped with homemade lime glaze and raspberry crispies.
Sticky Date Pudding with Soft Caramel, Milk Chocolate Caramel Glaze (RM 120)
  • The Sticky Date Pudding with Soft Caramel, Milk Chocolate Caramel Glaze is a comfort dessert. Made from the finest quality dates and premium ingredients combine to produce a classic and simple cake coated completely with a caramel chocolate glaze enveloping the soft caramel filling in its center.

Elevete Patisserie Classics with a Christmas twist

  • The Christmas Black Forest Bites is one of the chef’s top recommendations for sharing and to impress guests you’re entertaining. It is an elevated rendition of the traditional black forest recipe – a Streusel base (flour, brown sugar, bitter chocolate and salt combined), layered with chef’s family-inherited Moist Chocolate Cake, Mascarpone Mousse, and in-house Spiced Cherry Reduction and Chocolate Mousse filling in between and conveniently cut to 36 bite sized pieces.
  • The Christmas Nutella Stacked Brownies is a show-stopping stacked brownie that will definitely grab the attention of many. Standing tall at 8 inches, 36 bite-sized Nutella brownies are stacked and adorned with Christmas decorations and ready for a party. Perfect for a generous looking gift or a centerpiece on your dessert table.
  • Another show-stopping dessert would be the Christmas Macaron Tower and the Macaron Wreath that will shine amongst other desserts on your dessert table. Easily shareable, these macarons are made and decorated with Red Velvet and Chocolate Mint macarons, Cherries and Blueberries fruits.
  • No Christmas celebration is complete without the traditional Bûche de Noël! Elevete Patisserie is bringing back a Moist Chocolate Cake aka the Christmas Log Cake with Elevete’s Signature Salted Caramel buttercream rolled and covered with rich dark couverture chocolate frosting in a more exciting design.

Elevete Patisserie Christmas Gift Set

Mini Gâteaux De Voyage Trio (RM 150)
  • Known for their dessert sets, Elevete Patisserie introduces a few Christmas Gift Sets that are a perfect companion to your festive gatherings. The Mini Gateaux De Voyage is available in a set of 3 mini loafs.
Holly Jolly Gift Set (RM 250)
  • The Holly Jolly Gift Set comes with a Christmas Log Cake and a Macaron Wreath. While the Christmas Celebration Set comes with a Christmas Macaron Tower, a Christmas Stacked Nutella Brownies and a Christmas Black Forest Cake Bites.
Christmas Celebration Set (RM 430)
  • Lastly, the Christmas Designer Cupcakes is a box of 12 cupcakes with flavours of Pandan Gula Melaka, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes, Butterscotch Cookies Cupcakes and Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes.
Christmas Designer Cupcakes (RM 120)


  • Pre-Order by 4PM one (1) day before your preferred Delivery Date.
  • Available for Pre-Orders until 30th December 2022.
  • Deliveries available from 24th November 2022 – 31st December 2022.
  • The Elevete Patisserie Christmas collection is now available on https://www.elevete.com.my/collections/christmas-2022


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