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Dare to eat for good with Knorr this ‘World Eat For Good Day’

Knorr WEFGD 2023: Dare to eat something different for the good of the planet

Thursday 16 February 2023 – Cactus Bolognese or Cricket Pad Thai anyone? Whether you’re an expert in the kitchen or a budding cook, Knorr, trailblazer in the world of flavour, encourages people across the globe to rethink the way they cook and eat. It’s time to face the truth – our current food choices are no longer sustainable and damaging our planet. This ‘World Eat For Good Day’ on 19th February, Knorr launches Dare to Try, a campaign which challenges people to dare to eat differently.

There’s a world of flavours and dishes to be explored including over 20,000 edible plant species[1]. However 75% of our food supply comes from just five animals and 12 crops.[2] Trying different foods is vital for our health and  environmental sustainability.[3] As an expert in flavour, Knorr makes daring delicious, helping people to try new ingredients in an easy way.

These alternative foods will help drive towards a more sustainable way of eating – not only good for the planet and people, but also delicious. Ingredients like cacti, tomatillos, watercress are highly nutritious.[4] There are even 2,000 edible insects that we’re yet to explore which make for tasty additions to recipes.[5]

Frank Haresnape, Global VP Knorr & Scratch Cooking: “On ‘World Eat For Good Day’, we’re inviting people across the globe to join us on our journey and dare to eat something different that is good for the planet. As one of the world’s biggest food brands, we already have over 10 on-the-ground programmes that educate people to Eat for Good. Food is the strongest lever to optimise our health and improve environmental sustainability. Of course we will not ask people to start eating insects from now on.

There are much better options such as the Cactus Bolognese recipe we created with our chefs.

We hope these dishes will inspire people to discover new, fun ways of cooking with vegetables and plants.”

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