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Six Four Coffee Brings Special Coffee Blends to Malaysia

Six Four Coffee is now available in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Six Four Coffee will be launching new storefronts on Lazada and Shopee as part of its expansion to Malaysia. The specialty coffee roaster from Singapore will bring some of its best blends to Malaysia through the two established online channels for a start.

Consumers who are looking for an authentic experience of specialty coffee in Peninsular Malaysia can expect to find Six Four Coffee’s beans on Lazada and Shopee from 22 February 2023. Six Four Coffee’s digital storefronts in Malaysia will feature customer favourites like the Apache, Chinook, Seahawk, and Sunbird blends for a start, and introduce new blends and products unique to the Malaysian market within the next 12 months.

Since its incorporation, Six Four Coffee has always been committed to selecting, roasting and delivering the freshest quality coffee beans: from direct sourcing of suitable green beans to creating the best roasting profiles. Seeing Six Four Coffee’s success in Singapore and growing export demands, James Kee, founder of Six Four Coffee, wanted to bring Six Four Coffee’s unique blends and quality roasts to Singapore’s immediate neighbours, and eventually expand on the product offerings in Malaysia.

To learn more about Six Four Coffee, including their products and services, please click here.

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