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F&N Launches Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confections, A New Wave of Juicy Refreshment

First in Malaysia high Vitamin C ice confection in fun tubes and shareable tubs

Shah Alam, 7 March 2023 –  F&N Creameries Sdn Bhd famed for leading ice confection brands including Magnolia and King’s, is expanding its ice cream division through partnership with Sunkist Growers through the introduction of the Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection line. The line is creating buzz by raising the bar for commercial ice confections by using orange juice instead of orange flavours.

Leveraging the combined heritage and brand trust of F&N’s 140 years of providing pure enjoyment and pure goodness, and Sunkist Growers’ 130 years of exceptional produce from family-owned citrus farms in California and Arizona, the Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection innovatively blends the zingy taste and health benefits of citrus for an all-new category of ice confections that is Citrusly Syok!

Available in shareable tubs and single serve tubes, it is the first commercial ice confection in Malaysia that is high in Vitamin C with orange juice for a refreshingly cool, juicy and zesty taste.

The Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection in tube format are sorbet-like, without dairy, making them suitable for vegans, and for people who are lactose intolerant. The Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection tubs combines a creamy vanilla base with orange-rippled sauce for taste and texture reminiscent of artisanal ice-creams.

“During the stay-at-home years there was increased pick-up of ice cream products as it is the ultimate comfort food. This trend continues in Malaysia and across the region. Partnering with Sunkist Growers we developed the Sunkist Tropical Orange line to be high in vitamin C using orange juice as a new category of ice cream with health benefits as there was demand and interest.  We invite everyone to indulge in this delicious treat” says Mr Siew Peng Yim, CEO at F&N Creameries Sdn Bhd.

Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection in tubes is perfect for hot and humid Malaysian weather. Just grab-and-go to refresh, reinvigorate, and get a boost of vitamin C from the orange juice in each zesty slurp. The thoughtfully designed tube fits easily in one hand reducing drips and spillage, allowing you to continue navigating work, school, leisure activities or enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

For at home treats, the Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection in tubs combines the perfect balance of creaminess, zestiness and sweetness. Share with family and friends as a Citrusly Syok after-school or after-work pick-me-up, or as a healthier chillout snack.

Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confections are available nationwide and online. Grab the 75ml single serve tubes at RM2.50 per tube (RM2.70 in East Malaysia), the multi-pack of 4 tubes at RM9.80 (RM10.50 in East Malaysia), and the 1.5 liter tub at RM15 (RM16.50 in East Malaysia). Get them online at the F&N Official Online Store at https://my.fnlife.com/chilled-frozen/ice-cream/sunkist.html

Adding to the Citrusly Syok experience join the Gold of Sunkist contest that offers total prizes of RM30,000 in gold bars and gold coins! To join just purchase RM10.00 and above of Sunkist Ice Confection products in a single receipt, WhatsApp to 017-6487654 and you’re in the running. The contest is on from 1 March 2023 to 30 April 2023.

For more information on Sunkist Tropical Orange Ice Confection products, contests, activities, giveaways and promotions visit these socials  https://www.instagram.com/sunkist_icecream_my/ or https://www.facebook.com/Sunkist-Ice-Cream-MY.


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