Home Food Ice Cream Smooze showcases new kombucha range at FHA 2023

Smooze showcases new kombucha range at FHA 2023

Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Smooze, the plant-based frozen treat brand in Singapore, has showcased its latest innovations at FHA-Food & Beverage 2023 in Singapore. The company plans to release Smooze! Kombucha Ice Bar and Smooze! Kombucha drinks in Singapore soon.

Smooze! Kombucha Ice Bar is made from real tea. The new Oolong Tea Ice Bar (240g) is gut friendly, vegan and infused with coconut water.

Smooze! Kombucha beverages (240g) has flavours including Muscat Grape, Rose Berry and Oolong. They are gut friendly, vegan and healthier.

Gut health and vegan are the innovation direction for the latest products from Smooze! with tea as the key ingredient.


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