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Pepsi Sets A New Record In The Malaysia Book Of Records!

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 JUNE 2023 – Pepsi achieved a groundbreaking milestone by setting a new record in The Malaysia Book of Records for The Most Accumulated Mobile Phone Offline Hours In A Month. The ‘Build Real Connections’ campaign encouraged Malaysians to go offline to focus on spending quality moments face-to-face with their loved ones, while also contributing to the community. The campaign witnessed enthusiastic participation from nationwide consumers who accumulated a total of 93,732 offline hours, between 7th April and 7th May.

Pepsi’s ‘Build Real Connections’ initiative rallied Malaysians to spend quality time with their loved ones during the Raya season while being offline from their mobile phones. Without the disruption of gadgets, Pepsi successfully encouraged Malaysians to enjoy the Raya spirit by reconnecting with family members and focusing on meaningful connections in real life. For comparison, 93,732 hours is equivalent to about 10 years and seven months, or 3,905 days and 12 hours. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of Malaysians in spending quality time with family members during the festive Raya period.

“It is an honour for us at Pepsi to break a record in The Malaysia Book of Records. In an age of daily technology use, we’d like to encourage closeness and quality time together during the Raya season, while being free from digital distractions. We believe Malaysians created wonderful memories and were able to reconnect and strengthen precious bonds with their loved ones through this campaign,” said PepsiCo Beverage Marketing Lead, Jennifer Lee.

The certificate of recognition was presented by Siti Nurhanim Binti Mohd Noh, Research Analyst of Malaysia Book of Records and received by PepsiCo Beverage Marketing Lead, Jennifer Lee. The ceremony was held on 2nd June to commemorate the success of the campaign.

While Malaysians disconnected from digital distractions as part of the Pepsi ‘Build Real Connections’ campaign, they also contributed to the lives of those in need. For every hour offline with Pepsi, Pepsi collaborated with NGOs, Kechara Soup Kitchen Society and The Lost Food Project to provide a meal care pack that can sustain a family for up to six weeks. The meal care packs were distributed to the underserved communities within Klang Valley on 31st May, following the overwhelming participation.

“While Pepsi is known for excitement and new experiences, we also understand the value of family and togetherness during mealtimes. Through the campaign, we not only took pride in combining cherished traditions, but also continued our drive to foster meaningful connections within the community. Together, we drive towards our pep+ goals, working hand in hand to ignite transformative change and create a brighter future,” said PepsiCo Marketing Director, Mikey Rosales. 

For more information and updates, visit the Pepsi Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/PepsiMalaysia) and Instagram (@pepsimy) page.


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