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Nutrifood launches RTD HiLo Protein Chocofit UHT, HiLo Teen HI PROTEIN Melon with Wordcloud-style nutrition information

Nutrifood Indonesia has launched HiLo Protein Chocofit UHT (190ml) as a high-protein drink with collagen to support the needs of active consumers. The drink contains 12g/serving of protein for muscle maintenance, 500g of collagen for skin health, and 12 vitamins and minerals. HiLo Protein Chocofit also has 43mg of L-carnitine to burn fat and help with weight management. 

HiLo Protein Chocofit, in a ready-to-drink format, provides consumers with an alternative to whey protein shakes with the added benefits of collagen and L-carnitine.

Nutrifood has also released HiLo Choco Malt Hi Calcium in a sachet format. The chocolate milk is high in calcium, low in sugar, and contains ten vitamins. The pack design of HiLo Choco Malt Hi Calcium powerfully communicates calcium as the key product attribute. The use of Wordcloud also effectively communicates the product’s benefits to consumers.

In addition to HiLo Choco Malt Hi Calcium, Nutrifood has launched HiLo Platinum + HMB Improved Formula Vanilla with an improved formula and a new look. HiLo Platinum + HMB is designed for consumers aged 30 and above to provide them with, on a per serving basis, 500mg of HMB, 250mg of glucosamine, 12g of protein, Omega 3 and 6, twelve vitamins and six minerals and fibre to improve strength to prevent muscle loss and to protect bone health. 

The new HiLo Teen HI PROTEIN is high in calcium (600mg/serving) and protein (11g/serving) and is positioned for teens. HiLo Teen HI PROTEIN has an appealing front-of-pack, Wordcloud, illustrative style nutrition information that appeals to the aesthetic of Gen Zs. The company has also given HiLo Teen with a new packaging.


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