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Tipco says no to added sugar and sweetener

Juice producer Tipco has launched a 100% apple juice without added sugar cane and sweetener. With only 70kcal, the company communicates how the new healthier apple juice that is low in calories helps with weight management. Tipco Select Zero is naturally sweet. 

Tipco allays consumer concern about the high sugar content in juice by positioning Tipco Select Zero not as a cause of weight gain but as a solution to help consumers manage their body weight.

Tipco is also educating consumers on the difference between no sugar added, which is naturally sweetened from the ingredient, and sugar-free, where the sugary taste comes from the sweetener. The key message is to encourage consumers to choose juices without added sugar and sweeteners.

In another development, the Thai juice producer has recently launched Tipco Fruit Mix with orange rich in vitamin A and C and Tipco Chewy with nata de coco in various flavours. Tipco has also given its Tipco Fruity Mix a new look.


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