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Vietnamese companies turning their attention to jelly sticks

Vietnamese companies are turning their attention to jelly sticks. These portable, affordable snacks come in various fruity flavours and food service-inspired flavours like bubble tea.

What is interesting about these jelly sticks from a dairy and beverage players’ standpoint is that companies can turn their popular drinks into a new snackable jelly stick format, thus creating a new revenue stream.

Công Ty Tnhh Chế Biến Thực Phẩm Đức Hạnh (Duc Hanh Food Processing Company Limited), headquartered in Hanoi, is one of the leading producers of jelly products in Vietnam selling under the Zai Zai brand. The company launched the Zai Zai jelly products in 2019 and now has a strong portfolio of jelly offerings, including bubble tea-flavoured jelly sticks in black sugar, matcha and red tea flavours

Dairy company Lothamilk has launched its range of milk jelly sticks. Unlike Zai Zai, Lothamilk’s milk jelly contains milk as an ingredient and is available in three flavours: orange, lychee and guava. 

As part of the ‘beyond beverage’ strategy, beverage and dairy companies can promote these jelly sticks to young consumers as an in-between meal, pick-me-up snack. Brand owners can also fortify these jelly snacks with healthy ingredients such as vitamin C, bird’s nest and nutrients from milk. The innovation possibilities are endless with jelly. In the future, brands can upgrade jelly into a nutritionally complete snack or a meal replacement.

In the meantime, the export market beckons for jelly sticks from Vietnam.



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