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FamilyMart gets into the Pokemon vibes

Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

FamilyMart Malaysia is tapping into the Pokemon fan base with the launch of Pokemon-related products including Gengar’s Treat Sofuto. The convenience store chain describes  the sofuto as a blueberry soft serve with candy-like notes. Gengar’s treat is now in a cone, sundae cup, milkshake, or pint.

Apart from sofuto, FamilyMart has made available Bulbasaur Avocado & Passion Pine drinks, Poké Ball macarons, Butterscotch cupcakes as well as special pouch, tote bag, and lunch box.

Pokemon offers brands a strong following as it is one of the world’s most recognisable game video series. Brands can also create unique flavours based on their interpretation of Pokemon characters.


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