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Discover the Journey of Humanistic Education at Soka International School Malaysia

SISM Aerial Landscape View [Image Credit – SOKA International School Malaysia]

SEREMBAN, 2 APRIL 2024 – Enter the realm of educational brilliance at Soka International School Malaysia (SISM), where academic excellence converges with holistic development to shape the leaders of tomorrow. SISM beckons parents seeking a globally oriented educational journey for their children, promising an unparalleled experience amidst its serene campus.

Exploring Nature – A Trip to Ostrich Farm (Boarding Activities) [Image Credit – SOKA International School Malaysia]

Guided by the profound principles of Soka education, SISM is dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential within each child. SISM’s philosophy seamlessly blends academic rigour with personal growth, emphasising character development, creativity, and compassion. From cutting-edge facilities to passionate educators, every aspect of SISM is meticulously crafted to foster an enriching environment where every student thrives.

Co-curricular activities – Sports [Image Credit – SOKA International School Malaysia]

SISM encourages students to explore their passions, express creativity, and meaningfully engage with the world around them. Through diverse avenues such as arts, sports, community service, and international exchange programmes, SISM provides a platform for exploration, broadening horizons, and deepening self-awareness.

Journey into the Mah Meri Cultural Village – Trip to Pulau Carey [Image Credit – SOKA International School Malaysia]

Committed to fulfilling parents’ aspirations, SISM prepares students not only for academic excellence but also for life’s diverse challenges. With an unwavering dedication to nurturing a love for learning, fostering leadership skills, and instilling a sense of global citizenship, SISM equips students with the tools, knowledge, and values to excel and make a positive impact in an ever-changing world.


Value Creation: The Heart of Soka Education

SISM’s philosophy prioritises holistic development, focusing on compassion, wisdom, and courage in every aspect of learning. Through a curriculum centred on happiness and well-being, SISM empowers students to realise their full potential and contribute positively to society.

SISM Humanistic Learning Model: Placing Students First

SISM believes in a student-centred approach to learning, where each child’s unique strengths, interests, and aspirations are recognised and nurtured. Through innovative learning methods, the school aims to empower students to become confident, lifelong learners, ready to brace life’s complexities with integrity and resilience.

GReAt School Culture: Instilling Respect and Compassion

The GReAt SISM Culture permeates every aspect of campus life, encouraging students to embody Grit, Respect, and Appreciation. Through a wide array of extracurricular activities and community service initiatives, SISM instils values of empathy and social responsibility, preparing students to become conscientious global citizens and compassionate leaders.

Friendship House: A Home Away from Home

For families seeking a comprehensive educational experience, SISM offers a warm and supportive boarding facility, Friendship House. Designed with student safety and well-being in mind, Friendship House provides modern amenities, comfortable living spaces, and dedicated support staff, fostering independence, resilience, and lifelong friendships.

Eco-Enclave: Advocating Sustainability

SISM incorporates eco-friendly practices throughout its campus, promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among students. From energy-efficient buildings to waste reduction initiatives, SISM fosters a culture of sustainability, empowering students to become advocates for environmental conservation.

Not-for-Profit Mission: Bridging Opportunity Gaps

At SISM, students are central to every decision. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that all students from various backgrounds feel valued and respected. Motivated by a commitment to providing high-quality education to everyone, SISM reinvest any funds generated back into the school to improve the overall educational journey for students.

Experience SISM’s Vibrant Environment

Students in the ‘Happiness Square’ Cafeteria [Image Credit- SOKA International School Malaysia]

SISM invite parents to explore the school’s vibrant environment and discover their unique educational philosophy, celebrating cultural diversity, nurturing independence, and forging lifelong connections.

To schedule a visit or learn more, visit their website at sism.edu.my or contact them directly.

Visitor Centre Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Saturday & Public Holidays: By Appointment Only

Closed on Sundays

To schedule an appointment:

Telephone: +606-781 8988 | +6012 261 2023

Website: sism.edu.my

Address: PT25369, Persiaran Sendayan-Mambau, Bandar Sri Sendayan, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.


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