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Malaysian Gen Zs Trust Influencers for Genuine Advice

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71% of Gen Z Use Livestreams Like Shopee Live for Informed Purchases

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 April 2024 – ‘The Future of Shopping: Engaging Generation Z Shoppers in the Digital Era’ market study by Shopee in collaboration with Kantar found that 86% of Gen Zs tend to seek “shoppertainment” apart from purchasing products, when browsing on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee. Survey respondents crave live connections with like-minded individuals while enjoying informative and entertaining content when shopping online.

In fact, a significant 71% of respondents actively seek out product reviews and demonstrations, turning to livestream features like Shopee Live to make informed purchases. They prioritise detailed product descriptions, search recommendations tailored to their needs, and live reviews from influencers for a seamless shopping experience. Malaysians resonate with Shopee Affiliates’ authentic content and genuine engagement, seeking their input and personal advice such as product durability, discounts, and preferences for each purchase.

Interestingly, while a majority of respondents seek honest and informative product reviews, 4 in 10 actively seek entertainment throughout their purchase journey. This demographic would likely be drawn to features like discounts and rewards that are exclusive to Shopee Live. They actively participate in livestreams that have Shopee Coins release missions, and seek interesting game shows and exciting giveaways on Shopee Mamak.

Ming Kit Tan, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee Malaysia, said, “Our Shopee Affiliates sit at the forefront of humanising e-commerce. They create engaging and entertaining content specifically tailored to resonate with Gen Z’s preferences. They see the value of live streaming in generating lively consumer engagement through real-time interaction and its ability to convert to immediate sales. Our outstanding affiliates are the voices and trendsetters of their communities. They have the power to spread trust and connection to their audiences beyond the digital walls.”

High performing Shopee Affiliates sharing their thoughts and experiences at the ‘Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024’ panel forum (L_R Rita Zafran, Syada Azmah, Celeste Phuah, Andrew Tay)

Shopee’s commitment to personalisation extends beyond its platform. A “Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024” study surveying 3,000 affiliates in January 2024 revealed that 90% prioritise humanising e-commerce for users through increased personalisation in posts and livestreams. This aligns perfectly with Malaysian users’ desire for authentic connections, relatable stories, and genuine product education experiences.

Livestream empowers both users and sellers to build trust and connections beyond the digital realm. As Shopee continues to expand its ecosystem to support a thriving e-commerce landscape, Shopee Affiliates play a crucial role in ensuring users are well-informed throughout their shopping journey.

The staggering 420% surge in affiliate-driven orders in 2023 and the influx of over 155,000 new affiliates in 2024 further solidify this trend. Speaking from experience, Celeste Phuah, a top-performing Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer, elaborated, “I believe it is important to share my honest and real opinions with my viewers. Based on their interest and my own experiences. I do try my best to inform them of the various benefits and features of the products after trying them out. This way, I can be sure they’re beneficial for the audience and reasonably priced.”


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