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Goodday Charge presents Team eMAS, Malaysia’s First Senior Esports Team Recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records

Team eMAS marks a Milestone in Legitimizing Gaming by bridging the gap between Malaysian seniors and the youth, challenging the myths and misconceptions surrounding esports

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 JUNE 2024 – In a powerful move to legitimise Esports in Malaysia, Goodday Charge proudly announces the successful formation of Team eMAS, Malaysia’s first senior esports team, through the Boomers2Gamers competition. The team was officially inaugurated by YB Hannah Yeoh, Malaysia’s Minister for Youth and Sports, highlighting the significance of this pioneering initiative.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Orange Esports Club, Quill City Mall, where the Minister for Youth & Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan, officiated the team status as Malaysia’s 1st Senior Esports Team in the presence of Etika’s Chief Executive Officer Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei), Santharuban Thurai Sundaram, Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, and members of media and guests. Backed by the leading authority for Esports in Malaysia, the Malaysian Esports Federation, the team was further recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records, cementing their place in
national history.

The formation of Team eMAS represents a significant milestone in Goodday Charge’s mission to legitimise esports by serving as a platform to help the older generation create a better understanding of esports, bridging the generational gap to induce bonding with the younger generation, and at the same time highlighting benefits gained from esports in the areas of cognitive function, reflexes and more.

Aimed at seniors aged 50 and above, the Boomers2Gamers campaign gained an impressive turnover of 298 applicants. These were narrowed down to the 10 best contestants, who were given an authentic training regime across several weeks, focusing on Trained Skills, Strategy, Fitness Level, Teamwork and Communication. As champions for nutrition and fitness across all sports, it was important to Goodday Charge that a typical day for the team start with physical exercises and the right nutrition to fuel their training, followed by a key strategic discussion led by the coaches before moving on to training matches. This is followed by a debriefing session with the coaches, reviewing their performance with advice for improvement. Partners, Orange Esports Club, Predator Gaming and Creative Labs ensured the participants enjoyed a smooth and immersive experience with their world-class gaming facility, top-of-the-line Predator series gaming laptops, and high-definition gaming headsets.

After key victories, the team’s six members were chosen: Trish Lim as Team Leader, Nahar Ludhfi as entry fragger, Ahmad Zamzuri aka Tom as second entry fragger, Johan Arifin and John Yap as support, and Linda Tee as a substitute. Each was handpicked by former professional eSports athletes with a combined experience of over 20 years, Mohd Syazwan ‘Wanr0’ and Mohammed Reza ‘Rexa’ based on specific criteria.

Coaches, WanRo, Rexa, Christopher Wong, CEO, Malaysia Book of Records, Top 10 Finalists, Santharuban Thurai Sundaram, Minister for Youth & Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh, Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, Casters, Tash Bunny, Sir Cloud, Mr Johnson Seet, Director of Consumer Business, Product & Marketing, Acer/Predator Gaming. Image credit: Muhaimin Marwan

To secure their place in Malaysian esports history, Team eMAS competed in 4 matches against Malaysian professional Counter-Strike team, HXG. This recognition from the Malaysian Electronic Sports Federation and the Malaysia Book of Records officially marks them as Malaysia’s First Senior Esports Team.

Taking their commitment towards esports further, Goodday Charge will be supporting team HXG’s men’s and women’s teams as they prepare to represent Malaysia at the Asian Esports Championship in Chengdu, China first, before qualifying themselves to the upcoming 2024 International Esports Federation World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the biggest country-based event in the world.

YB Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan, Minister of Youth & Sports, emphasised the importance of such initiatives. “Esports is often perceived as the domain of the young, focused solely on entertainment. However, through initiatives like Boomers2Gamers, we demonstrate that esports encompasses much more. It is about strategic thinking, mental agility, and community – qualities that resonate with traditional sports.”

She added, “I commend Goodday Charge for spearheading the formation of this team and aligning with initiatives by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This programme Boomers2Gamers, initiated by Goodday Charge, makes esports more inclusive by creating a better understanding and greater acceptance which will help bridge the generation gap. Inclusivity is among the key thrusts of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.“

Amy Gan, VP of Marketing at Etika Sdn Bhd, shared her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “Goodday Charge is dedicated to championing the belief that esports is a sport, requiring discipline, skill, and fitness for optimal performance. From supporting the National eSport Development Guideline (NESDEG) with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to sponsoring the 2024 Malaysian Esports Awards, our aim is to change negative stereotypes and misconceptions of esports in Malaysia. As a nutrition partner, Goodday Charge provides delicious chocolate milk that is specially formulated with essential nutrients like proteins and Vitamin B complex to sustain our esports athletes during competitions.”

Speaking on the team, she added, “Malaysia has many passionate gamers, but societal stigma, especially from the older generation, hinders the acceptance of esports as a legitimate sport. To bridge this gap, Goodday Charge launched the “Boomers to Gamers” initiative, forming the first senior esports team, Team eMAS. Exemplifying the values so commonly associated with traditional sports of teamwork, discipline, and an iron will, they are Malaysia’s greatest advocates for the development and legitimization of esports in Malaysia.”

Team eMAS’s Team Leader, Trish, expressed her excitement about leading the team. “I am grateful to Goodday Charge for this amazing experience. When I joined, I had no experience with Esports, and would not support it as a pathway for my family members. I had only heard about Esports from my son, but only after I joined the campaign did I realise how big Esports was. Now, I can’t believe we’re a part of this movement – and that I’m the team captain!”

Team eMAS shared their feelings at the ceremony. “This has been an eye-opening experience. Though some of us played casually before, this was our first foray into Esports, and it was initially overwhelming. With support from Goodday Charge and our coaches, we overcame the odds and couldn’t be happier. Trish has been an inspiration, always looking out for the team both in-game and during downtimes. She truly deserved the role of team captain.”

Goodday Charge first announced the Boomers2Gamers campaign in February, seeking to debunk myths, challenge negative stereotypes and promote greater acceptance of esports as a legitimate sport in Malaysia. With prevailing misperceptions and stigmas towards esports as a sedentary and not a ‘real’ sport, Goodday is here to tell consumers that esports is a sport by shedding light on its competitive nature, demanding high levels of athleticism, especially in the areas of fitness and nutrition, just like other sports. This is where Goodday Charge comes in, with their specially formulated chocolate milk that
is packed with energy and ten nutrients of Multipro®, including vitamin B complex for sustained energy to support esports athletes throughout their training.

Amy Gan added, “We are not stopping here. In fact, due to the success of the campaign and overwhelming response from the participants, Orange Esports and Goodday will continue to develop the narratives of healthy gaming in a fully inclusive gaming esports ecosystem for all ages by dedicating every Tuesday as a Boomers2Gamers day. Seniors can simply come and compete with their friends for free or look forward to workshops conducted by the club. Look out for more details coming soon!”

For those interested in seeing their journey, Goodday Charge will be premiering a limited reality series documenting the highs and lows, triumphs and defeats and the rise of Team eMAS hosted by favourite Malaysian caster, Tash Bunny with a special appearance by Sir Cloud who played a role in mentoring the finalists. Releasing on Astro Arena, this will be the first esports content to air on the sports-focused channel, further legitimising esports as a sport on par with others. For more information on the release date and more on Goodday Charge’s efforts in legitimising esports, follow Goodday Milk Malaysia on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for the latest updates.


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