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Horlicks goes for chocolate

In Malaysia, Horlicks, the malted milk drink, has finally yielded to the chocolate temptation. The launch of Horlicks in chocolate flavour shows if you can’t beat them [Milo], join them. In a Milo-loving nation, it can be lonely for Horlicks to remain true to its malted milk drink heritage. After all these years, Malaysian consumers have not really acquired a taste for Horlicks and its malted milk drink flavour. On the other hand, consumers have stick with their perennial favourite, the Milo chocolate drink.
Horlicks has tried using nutrition as a selling point but it has ignored the fact that chocolate drink as represented by Milo is what they prefer the most. The new Horlicks chocolate retains the malted milk flavour with but comes with an added chocolatey flavour. Hopefully, this chocolate flavour will improve Horlicks performance in the market.
Price wise, Horlicks is the most expensive malt drink in Malaysia.


RM/Kilogram, 12 May 2014 Aeon Big Hypermarket, Ampang


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