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Janice Wong's 2AM: Dessertbar Presents Valentine's Day Special Menu

Janice Wong’s Valentine’s Day Dessert at 2am:dessertbar

January 30, 2020, Singapore – This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and a loved one to a lavish and interactive experience with Janice Wong’s Valentine’s Day Dessert and Cocktail Special at 2am:dessertbar.

The special menu is available from 7 February to the end of the month and invites guests to personalise their Valentine’s Day Dessert. The customisable dessert, priced at $24, is designed to match the unique personality of your relationships.

Suited not just for your significant other but also for beloved family members and friends, choose from a colourful array of decorations to adorn your dessert in the best way that characterises each relationship. The base dessert is made from Ruby feuilletine, Rose lemongrass parfait, Oolong tea mousse, Yuzu elderflower yoghurt and Ginger cake, with additional confectionery for tailored decorations including Rose kohakutou, Pink chocolate pearls, Lavender marshmallows and Grapefruit Pate de fruit.

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The Lady in Pink

Complementing the dessert is the “The Lady in Pink” cocktail. Retailing at $20 a la carte, or $18 as a pairing with the dessert, this Cocktail Special reminisces the formula for love with a concoction of gin, pomegranate, green apple, marzipan rose tea syrup, lemon, bitters and egg white garnished with rose syrup, raspberry sugar and a rose petal.


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