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Jalna Greek yogurt launched

Australia’s Jalna is the latest entrant into the Greek yogurt mania in Malaysia. At Village Grocer, 1Mont Kiara, the 500g Jalna Low Fat Natural Yogurt is selling for RM 25.99. The interesting thing about Jalna is it comes in a cute plastic pot.

Store check at Village Grocer, One Mont Kiara, 28 May 2014

Fage Total 2% Natural Greek Yoghurt 500 31.99 63.98
Fage Total 0% Fat Free Greek Yoghurt 500 31.99 63.98
Jalna Low Fat Natural Greek Yogurt 500 25.99 51.98
Chobani Yogurt Plain 0% Fat 907 34.99 38.58
Nestle Greek Yogurt Natural 470 9.9 21.06
Sunglo Greek Yoghurt 900 14.3 15.89

Source: Mini Me store check

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