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Mission Foods finally creates local dips for its tortilla chips

Picture taken from Kuali.com

Mission Foods has recently introduced six recipes to go with its tortilla chips to enjoy during the World Cup. We all know Germany won the final match against Argentina. Now consumers longer need to buy the expensive dips from supermarkets. They can make their own dips in the comfort of home in “minutes”, thanks to the creation of chef Isadora Chai who produced six local dips to go with Mission Foods tortilla chips.

According to Chef Isadora, “Mission Chips is not your average chips as they are thick and crunchy making them great for dips, or even on their own”. The recipe comes timely for Mission Foods to cultivate a following for its tortilla chips through the dipping ritual. However, I don’t know if I can make the dips in minutes. The recipes look awfully complex for a male tortilla chip eater who just want something that can be prepared in seconds.

The six recipes are:
 –  Curried Cream Cheese Dip
–  Sarawakian Umai Dip
–  Chicken Satay Dip
–  Spiced Green Pea Dip
–  Crunchy Spiced Mint Chutney Dip
–  Sweet Spicy Tomato Coriander Dip

For the recipes, go to Kuali.com

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