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New updates on the Greek yogurt market in Malaysia

It has been a while since I updated readers on Greek yogurt as there aren’t many exciting launches lately. Chobani’s entry into Malaysia has attracted attention from the international trade media. According to foodnavigator-asia.com‘s 1 August 2014 article, Chobani was reported will be available soon in Malaysia. The truth is, Chobani has already entered the country a couple of months ago.

The article says Chobani will be sold “through hotels and high-end retailers including Aeon, DFI (Dairy Farm International) and Tesco.” Yes, Chobani is already available at select Aeon and DFI outlets including Cold Storage but can’t be seen at Tesco yet. Apart from the three stores, Chobani is also available at high-end supermarkets such as Village Grocer.

Cold Storage, Mid Valley 23 August 2014 (Greek Yogurt)
Cold Storage, Mid Valley 1 September 2014 (Greek Yogurt)

Let’s do a store check in the heart of KL. The high-end Cold Storage at Mid Valley has six brands of Greek yogurt. The latest entries are Müller Greek Style Yogurt Corner and Fage Total. Both new products are to be eaten by adding either complementary flavours as in the example of Müller or complementary cereals as in the example of Fage Total. The two products are clearly different from the plain old Chobani.

Müller Greek Style Yogurt Corner


Fage Total with cereals

Price wise, Müller Greek Style Yogurt Corner is retailed at RM 6.99 (USD 2.21) per 150g. I didn’t record the price for Fage Total with cereals but the price for Fage Total 0% is RM 11.49 (USD 3.64) per 150g.

So that’s all for Greek yogurt for the time being.

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