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Carbonates going minis

My own minis - Malaysia (left), Indonesia (centre) and Philippines (right)

Coca-Cola Malaysia has recently unveiled a RM 1 Coca-Cola. Weighing 390ml, the new PET Coke is more value for money than the 250ml Coke in returnable glass bottle (RGB), which is now selling at a retail price of RM 1.50. It is apparent Coca-Cola Malaysia is attempting to stimulate sales in the retail segment through mini PET.

Minis is a key growth area in the carbonates segment in the Asia-Pacific region. Coca-Cola Philippines’ PHP 10, 300ml Mismo in PET bottle, launched in Q2, 2013 was considered a “big success”. The Mismo was a strategy to shift consumers from RGB to PET bottle. It also a strategy to increase value and access as well as targeting consumers looking for a quick refreshment and portion control. The size of Mismo in the Philippines has now shrink to 250ml but still selling at the same price of PHP 10, which means the company is effectively passing the price hike to consumers.

In Indonesia, Coca-Cola launched a 425ml Fanta Royal in PET bottle in May 2013 with a selling price of Rp 3,000. Coca-Cola has also made available Frestea with new size options to target more consumption occasions through the 300ml PET and 300ml cup. Pepsi, meanwhile, has launched the 410ml PET Pepsi with an affordable price of Rp 3,000 to compete with its erstwhile rival Coca-Cola

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In Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil’s mini-can volumes grew by about 70%  in 2013, which says a lot about the prospect of going mini.

Minis serve as an ideal platform to target consumers looking at controlling their carbonate intake. It is also powerful way to increase volume sales and passing on rising costs to consumers by going mini with prices that appear to be extremely affordable. Minis will definitely become a new way forward to arrest the decline of the carbonate segment.

Australia’s Coca-Cola Amatil mini can sales



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