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Maggi Royale goes for cup noodle

Maggi has beaten Sky Thomas Food Industries, the maker of MyKuali, in the instant cup noodle race with the new Maggi Royale Korean Spicy Braised Beef Cup Noodle. The question is why introduce a cup version for Korean Spicy Beef and not Penang Seafood Curry? Having a cup version for Penang Seafood Curry will definately give Maggi head start since Sky Thomas Food Industries already has plans to introduce a similar cup version for its MyKuali range.

Maggi Royale is priced at MYR 46.7 per kilogram and is at the middle to upper end of the price range for instant cup noodle in Malaysia. The product is more expensive than several Nongshim and Samyang products. I am sure a cup version for Maggi Penang Seafood Curry is in the offing.

Instant cup noodle price range, Aeon Big, December 2014 (MYR/KG). Orange is Korean brands, red is Maggi Royale and blue is other non-Korean brands


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