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Probiotic cultured milk: Nutrigen upsized to 300ml

Evolution of cultured milk in Malaysia

Mamee Double-Decker Nutrigen is carving a market for itself in the probiotic cultured milk market in Malaysia dominated by Malaysia Milk’s Vitagen and Yakult Honsha’s Yakult. Apart from new flavour, low sugar and collagen, the cultured milk market is a category that has little or no innovation.

At the moment, the normal pack comes in the sizes of 125g/ml (Nutrigen & Vitagen) or 80ml (Yakult) suitable for one-off consumption for kids and adults. Cultured milk is mainly targeted at children but there are efforts to introduce it to women.

Yakult Healthy & Happy Pregnancy

Nutrigen has recently introduced a Nutrigen cultured milk in 300g. It reminds me of Thailand’s Betagen cultured drink with sizes ranging from 85ml to 700ml. I believe Mamee Double-Decker is using the upsized cultured milk (300g) to target adult drinking occasion. 125ml is ideal for children as a portion control but not for adult. A larger volume is more reasonable for adult. The 300g Nutrigen is relatively new and the launch has so far not being supported by any marketing at the time of writing. I believe the new pack is in a  right size and a good move by Mamee Double-Decker to expand the usage of cultured milk to adults.

Betagen Fat 0% range

Updated comment: – 17 August 2015 

So far, the 300g Nutrigen seems to be going no where. It is not supported by ATL and BTL marketing activities. The existing Nutrigen is for children. If the 300g is for children, it should be positioned for children but it seems the new product is for adult but consumers already associate Nutrigen as a probiotic for kids. So there is a disconnect and there is a high possibility the 300g Nutrigen will be discontinued in the future.

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From Yakult Honsha annual reports


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