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New MamyPoko Mini S ensures newborns in Indonesia start wearing pants-type diapers at 1 month old

Japan’s Unicharm Corp has recently unveiled MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft Mini S pants in Indonesia. The new product is aimed at babies aged 1-3 months. MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft is a top of the line pants product made from softer premium materials with excellent absorbency. The SS size is already available in Thailand but not in Singapore and Malaysia.

The launch of the mini S size in Indonesia is interesting from a marketing perspective. Unicharm is encouraging Indonesian mothers to start using its expensive pants-type diapers on their newborn as early as 1 month. In Malaysia and Singapore, the traditional tape-type diapers are still the dominant diaper for newborns and babies.

Unicharm diaper market share in Indonesia – Unicharm annual report

Unicharm has the advantage in Indonesia because it has the first mover advantage in the country’s disposable diaper market having entered in 1997. The company is number one in Indonesia and Thailand with Indonesia contributing 10% of global sales and Thailand 5%. Unicharm baby diaper sales in Indonesia grew 591% between 2008 and 2013, exceeding industry growth of 440%.

As a market leader, Unicharm has been aggressively promoting its pants-type diapers in Indonesia as an easy fit on, thus saving mother’s precious time. However, pants-type diapers is more expensive. On a per-unit basis, the Mini S is about 27% more expensive per piece than Extra Dry.

From Lazada.co.id

The TVC of the new MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft Mini S shows how quick and easy it is for diaper moment with the new Minis S pants. Compared with the tape-type diapers, mothers are having a tough time because their babies are constantly moving their legs. The Mini S product ensures the diaper fits nicely and quickly and does not leak.

Legs moving making it difficult for tape-type diapers

With Unicharm as the market leader, Indonesia is leapfrogging neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore in adopting the premium pants-type diapers. This shows companies need to educate consumers and not waiting for consumers to say they are ready to make the shift if companies really want to promote something that is more premium but offering more convenience and quality.


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