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Oat Choco seeing slowdown in Malaysia but popularity seems unabated in Indonesia

The oat choco fad seems to have faded in Malaysia. The official Twinfish Facebook site has not been updated since 3 February 2015. In contrast to Twinfish Oat Choco, the popularity of Naraya Oat Choco in Indonesia seems unabated. The key selling points of Naraya Oat Choco are bergizi, praktis dan enaak (nutritious, practical and tasty). The Naraya Oat Choco, distributed by PT Interfood Sukses Jasindo, is available online and through the country’s biggest minimarket chain Indomaret.

Naraya Oat Choco selling on Indonesia’s Tokopedia.com
Naraya Oat Choco, newly listing on Indomaret, March 2015

Both Twinfish and Naraya Oat Choco are made by Fujian Fupaiyuan Foodstuff Co Ltd (福建福派园食品股份有限公司) in Jinjiang city, China. Quanzhou customs statistics show exports of oat choco (燕麦巧克力) from the port of Quanzhou in the first quarter of 2015 rose 30% year-on-year to USD 3.1 million. This is a slowdown from the low base point in 2014 where oat choco exports in the January-October 2014 period from Quanzhou to all destinations surged by over 70 folds to reach USD 12.06 million. Exports of overall confectionery including oat choco, candy and chewing gum to Malaysia from Quanzhou port in the first 10 months of 2014 increased 16.42 times to USD 10.46 million.

Fujian Fupaiyuan Foodstuff Co Ltd is one of the chief beneficiaries of the oat choco craze in Southeast Asia. Fupaiyuan Foodstuff’s sales surged 56% in 2014 to RMB 87.61 million (USD 14.1 million). With Quanzhou’s oat choco exports reaching USD 14 million in 2014, up by over 70 times, this shows Fupaiyuan Foodstuff is not the only oat choco producer benefiting from the popularity of oat choco. The challenge for Chinese oat choco makers now is to continue to find new export markets including penetrating deeper into Indonesia and possibly into the Philippines.

Fujian Fupaiyuan Foodstuff Co Ltd total revenue – RMB million. Financial data from annual report


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