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F&N Magnolia UHT milk in carton packaging enters modern channel

F&N has made available its full range of UHT milk in carton in leading supermarkets/hypermarkets in Malaysia under the F&N Magnolia brand. Previously, the carton format was only available selectively in petromarts and sundry shops on a trial basis.

F&N milk range

The new UHT range in carton comes on the heels of the launch of its premium Farmhouse UHT made from 100% Australian milk in August 2015. Farmhose was previously only available as pasteurised milk.

Carton provides consumers with the mainstream option for UHT. At the moment, the F&N Magnolia sterilised milk is sold in plastic bottle packaging, making F&N the only milk company selling its milk in plastic packaging.

Competes with Dutch Lady

In terms of price, F&N Magnolia competes with Dutch Lady in the RM 6.50/L range in the 1,000ml format. For multi-pack, F&N Magnolia is the only one offering a smaller pack size of only 200ml compared with the norm of 250ml.

F&N Magnolia prices


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