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All eyes on cream soda

Cream soda, a carbonated soft drink (CSD) traditionally flavored with vanilla, has become the focus of innovation in the CSD category in Malaysia.

Pokka Gabu Gabu, which recently celebrated its 1st anniversary in Singapore, has just been launched in Malaysia. The new product joins Coca-Cola’s A&W Cream Soda, which was first seen in the Malaysian market in July 2016.


The word Gabu Gabu (がぶがぶ) in Japanese means drinking fast or drinking a lot. What makes the new Pokka Gabu Gabu stands out is the use of real milk. The main ngredients for the strawberry flavoured Gabu Gabu are carbonated water, sucrose, milk, flavouring, sabiliser (from soy), citric acid, strawberry juice, sodium benzoate and colouring. Pokka Gabu Gabu is made in Malaysia. Each can in 325ml sells at a price of RM 1.99 at Giant Supermarket.

In Singapore, Pokka Gabu Gabu is associated with cosplay and other youth activities such a Art Detox and Doujima, Singapore’s largest pop-culture inspired art fair.

Mirinda Cream V gets a new look


Pepsi’s Mirinda Cream V has been given a new packaging design, while retaining its green look.


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