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Chinese New Year is the time for Asian drinks

Image from Yeo's Facebook account

Asian packet drinks are indispensable for Chinese New Year (CNY) in Malaysia. Consumers often buy them by the dozens usually in a pack of 24 units to entertain friends and relatives at home.

Stack ’em high

Piling the drinks high is how beverages including Asian drinks are displayed in-store during CNY to improve visibility and to catch the consumer’s attention.

Images above show Yeo’s Asian drinks at Giant hypermarket

Yeo’s gold pack

For CNY 2017, Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s) has introduced a limited-edition gold pack for its flagship chrysanthemum tea. The punch line for this year’s CNY is “Yeo’s 饮 Yeo’s 旺,” which means the more you drink the more prosperous you will become. The word Yeo’s rhymes with the Chinese character 越 or more.

The company is giving away 1x Reunion Dinner worth RM888 + RM288 + Yeo’s Product as the grand prize for its #ShiokEat with #YeosMalaysia Instagram contest. The #ShiokEat contest runs from 14 November 2016 to 21 January 2017 covering three stages – HispterFood (Nov 2016), Christmas Scrumptious (Dec 2016) and CNY Chicken Feast (Jan 2017).

Yeo’s has a ‘Golden Chicken’ commercial for CNY 2017 to promote its chrysanthemum tea.



Marigold new packaging

Malaysia Milk’s Marigold UHT Asian drink is focusing on its ice lemon tea and chrysanthemum tea for its in-store display. The Marigold range was given a new look in 2016 and the range saw the addition of the new Longan Red Dates.

Grace Chan, the Hong Kong-born Canadian actress, television show host, and beauty pageant titleholder, was appointed by Marigold to be part of its Chinese New Year campaign for 2017.

Pokka concentrates on Honey Lemon & Green Tea

For Pokka, the focus is on two products – Honey Lemon and Green Tea for CNY 2017.

Drinho offers dining vouchers

Ace Canning’s Drinho, Umbro and Home Soy brands are offering dining vouchers worth RM 888 in partnership with Giant supermarket.

F&N works with Media Prima

In terms of packaging innovation, F&N does not have special-edition packaging for CNY 2017. The brand is, however, working with Media Prima, its key media partner, for on-the-ground marketing activities featuring “meet and greet” radio celebrities from One FM.

F&N has also produced TV commercials for the upcoming festive season. The full version saw each F&N product fitting in nicely and playing a key role from the preparation to CNY to the actual day itself. In the clip, the F&N chrysanthemum tea is shown to relieve internal heat usually after eating too much CNY cookies. The lowering down of the bodily heat is frequently used by marketers to promote Asian drinks.

The CNY 2017 appears more interesting and vibrant for Asian drinks compared to CNY 2016, which was the year when GST was introduced. Poor consumer sentiment was already evidenced during the lead up to the introduction of the GST in April 2016 resulting in subdued demand in 2016.


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