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Authentic egg takes centre stage in instant noodle innovation

Egg has become the centerpiece in instant noodle innovation in Indonesia. Following the introduction of Wings Food’s new Mie Sedaap Ayam Bawang Telur (Chicken Onion Egg) in early 2017, Indofood CBP’s Indomie officially announced in March 2017 the addition of two new variants to Real Meat – Empal Goreng (Sweet Fried Beef) and Telur Balado (Spicy Quail Eggs).

Quail eggs

Real Meat Telur Balado comes with 2 quail eggs and four potato pieces.

What Mini Me thinks

As competition shifts towards premium instant noodle with real ingredients, brands are racing to see which ingredient can deliver the authentic appeal. Egg is commonly added to instant noodle during cooking but not as the original instant noodle ingredient. By having egg pieces or real egg as an ingredient, it demonstrates the “real” preposition of the product.

*First image comes from the author, while the second is from the web

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