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New Farm Fresh fig & pumpkin yogurt and cheese in cubes

Farm Fresh has released its new spoonable yogurt with fig (buah tin) made from fresh milk at the launch of its second Milkbar at KL Sentral, reported the local Malay-language newspaper Sinar Harian on 24 August 2017. The new fig yoghurt (120g) marks the brand’s expansion into the flavoured yoghurt category. The existing yoghurt range comprises natural yoghurt in large-sized tub.

Also new is the spoonable yoghurt with pumpkin. Both the fig and pumpkin yoghurts are likely to be the first of its kind in the market. At the moment, the yoghurts are still not available in the market.

Farm Fresh pumpkin yoghurt (left) and fig yoghurt right). Photographed by the author at Halfest 2017

The choice of fig taps into Malaysian familiarity with fig’s nutritional value especially among the Malay community.

2nd Milkbar concept unveiled at KL Sentral

The new Milkbar is run by Myfarmfresh, Farm Fresh’s sole distributor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, said Thushaaraam A/L Semaadderi, Myfarmfresh executive, sales & marketing. Speaking at Halfest 2017, Thushaaraam said all the products sold at Milkbar are from Farm Fresh. The Milkbar at KL Sentral is the second retail outlet after the one at Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam, which was opened in 2016.

Myfarmfresh handles home dealers who deliver milk directly to consumer’s homes on a regular basis. Thushaaraam said the home dealer concept started in 2015. The objective is to foster a close relationship with customers.

Kurma milk is the top seller

Kurma (date) milk is the top seller and is always short of supply, said Thushaaraam. Kurma milk has a lot of health benefits especially for lactating mothers. The milk helps to increase the milk count. He explained this is one of the reasons why a lot of pregnant or breastfeeding mothers come and look for the kurma milk.

He stressed that the kurma milk does not contain any sugar or any preservative. The sweet taste comes from the real date extract.

Most consumers in Malaysia are not aware of kurma milk, said Thushaaraam. According to him, Kurma milk is famous with the Malay community but the awareness is “very minimal” with the Chinese community and even less so among the Indian community.

Cheese showcased at Halfest 2017

Farm Fresh’s cheese was showcased at Halfest 2017, which was held at The Mines Exhibition Centre on 23-27 August 2017. The event was described as the biggest ASEAN Halal Trade and Consumer Expo.

Farm Fresh cheese for sampling at Halfest 2017. Photographed by the author

The cheese was exhibited at Halfest for public tasting to obtain their feedback before Farm Fresh starts to manufacture the cheese in bulk. Thushaaraam explained the “specialty of the cheese is it comes in cubes and is made in the way it will not melt so fast.” The cheese in applied for example in cheesy sausage and the cheese will not become liquid immediately. Initially, the cheese will go to businesses.

The company’s founder Loi Tuan Ee once mentioned to The Star in 2016 that the company would set up a cheese factory in 2017.

Farm Fresh aims to become number one in cheese in the country, while acknowledging there are other smaller producers in Malaysia. The objective is to provide Malaysian consumers with the best and affordable cheese, said Thushaaraam. Price will be cheaper if the cheese is produced locally.


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