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Hydro Coco scenic packaging encourages consumers to explore Wonderful Indonesia

Hydro Coco coconut drink from Kalbe Farma has unveiled a new packaging design featuring top natural beauty spots in Indonesia. The scenic places include Broken Beach in Bali, Raja Ampat in Papua, Pulau Padar in Labuan Bajo and Atuh Beach in Bali.

Joint promotion with tourism ministry

The marketing program is a joint promotion with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to feature interesting sights on Hydro Coco packaging as part of the Wonderful Indonesia campaign by the ministry.

The image below shows Hydro Coco packaging featuring Raja Ampat Islands.

Such program will expose Indonesian consumers to unique tourist destinations within the country. The tourism program is also part of the “soft selling” approach implemented by Hydro Coco to reach out to consumers with interesting stories.” said Arwin N. Hutasoit, Head of Marketing at Kalbe Beverages as reported in a recent Kontan article. This comes as the “hard selling” days are over.

Get out to explore the natural beauty

The tourism campaign works both ways for Hydro Coco. It encourages Indonesians to get out of their sedentary life, which is one of the main causes of obesity, and to explore the wonderful beauty the country has to offer. Exploring and travelling are activities that are in line with the brand message of providing natural hydration to active consumers.

Earn brownie points from the government

Promoting Indonesia’s natural beauty is seen as a form of a national service by Hydro Coco that could potentially help the brand to earn brownie points from the government.

Papatonk, the shrimp cracker of PT United Harvest Indonesia, won the Primaduta award from the Tourism Ministry. The award was presented to the company by President Joko Widodo in an event in 2016. The main reason for winning the award was the brand has the Wonderful Indonesia logo on its packaging and a few lines about the destinations and local traditions, thus helping to promote Indonesian tourism abroad especially in China. The shrimp cracker is hugely popular in China with around 20 million packs sold in China a year, according to Tribunnews.com.

Papatonk promoting Bali on the packaging at Indonesia Week (Inaweek) in Shanghai in 2017. Photographed by the author.

Hydro Coco will not only promote the tourist destinations to domestic consumers, similar packaging will be sold in the export markets like Hong Kong, Japan, China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. The export market accounts for 5% of Hydro Coco sales. The company aims to increase the figure to 10% in the future.

Total sales of Hydo Coco reached 50 million units in 2017, said Arwin. The sales target for 2017 is to grow by double-digit. In 2014, the company sold 44 million units of Hydro Coco, according to Yusuf Hady, Deputy Director in Charge of Consumer Health Division 2 at Kalbe Farma in 2015.

Hydo Coco’s factory is located in Riau with an annual capacity of 70,000 tons a year. The coconut water is sourced from Sambu Group, which claims to be the single largest fully integrated coconut processor in the world.

Mini Me takeaway

Hydro Coco’s partnership with the Ministry of Tourism is a win-win for the brand. It continues the brand message of natural hydrating for the active lifestyle. It is also part of the brand’s corporate social responsibility to help promoting tourism, which inadvertently has the effect of highlighting the naturalness of Indonesia as a source of coconut water.


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