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Greenfields stirs up the yogurt market

The spoonable yoghurt category in Indonesia saw the entry of Greenfields (Japfa) in the second half of 2017. Known as “The Real Yogurt”, the range comes in four variants – Original, Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango.

The yogurt is known as a source of fibre and is made from 100% fresh milk from Greenfields. The strawberry variant contains 4% strawberry fruits. The spoon is not included as part of the packaging. The pack sizes are 125g and 500g.

Photographed by the author

Competitive landscape

The current domestic players in the stirred (spoonable) yogurt market are Biokul (PT Diamond Cold Storage Indonesia), Yummy (PT Yummy Food Utama), Heavenly Blush (PT Nutrifood Indonesia), Cimory (Cimory) and Greenfields (Japfa Ltd).

The foreign players are mainly Elle & Vire, Zott, Farmers Union, Yoplait, Bulla and Caspia (Japan-based Fujicco made by PT Pangan Organis Sejahtera).

What Mini Me thinks

In Indonesia, the market for spoonable yogurt is much more smaller than drinkable. Even though the segment is small domestically, the new Greenfields yogurt is seen as not only for Indonesia but is also aimed at the export market where the potential for spoonable is greater.


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