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Tofusan branches out into lactose-free milk

Tofusan, Thailand’s No.1 organic soymilk producer, has released Essentially Lactose Free Milk. This marks the entry of Tofusan into cow’s dairy milk segment but with a lactose-free twist. The new product is selling at 7-Eleven Thailand for a price of THB 19 (USD 0.51).

Essentially Lactose Free Milk is made from fresh milk and not from powdered milk. Lactose-free has stirred up interest in Thailand. CP-Meiji Thailand earlier launched its lactose-free milk citing a data that up to 96% of Thai people are intolerant to lactose.

Avoidance can be an approach to stay healthy even though few would know they are intolerant to lactose. For Tofusan, Essentially Lactose Free Milk fits its existing business of providing consumers with plant-based alternatives that are free from lactose.



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