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A2 fresh milk comes to Indonesia

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Indonesia’s ABC Kogen Dairy has recently unveiled A2 Cows 100% Fresh Milk (Plain, Coffee and Chocolate) in Indonesia. So far, no marketing has been launched to promote this new range of shelf stable dairy.


A2 fresh milk is a rarity in most markets in Southeast Asia. The recent hype about A2 milk, a type of cow’s milk that is free from A1 beta-casein protein, has opened up new opportunities to market cow’s milk that contains only A2.

Normal cow’s milk has both A1 and A2 but A1 is the one that makes the milk harder to digest and can cause discomfort in people who are lactose intolerant, a common situation for most Southeast Asia consumers. However, drinking A2 cow’s milk, which comes with lactose, does not mean it is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. However, a study in China shows A2 milk could bring relief to those who have unpleasantness related to protein.

It all comes down to marketing

Fear of A1 milk with some studies linking it to type-1 diabetes, heart disease and autism could drive consumers to A2 milk. However, a lot of these studies have not been fully substantiated. But it plays into people’s fear just like with gluten where prevention is often the route taken by consumers to ensure one’s health is safeguarded.

How A2 milk is marketed in India

In India, the market is now awash with A2 milk following the rediscovery of the benefits of A2 milk from Haryanvi, Sahiwal and Rathi breeds of indigenous (desi) cows. In a culture with strong veneration to cow, consumers are warming up to drinking milk from indigenous cows as they return to their roots and embrace locally sourced food.

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Amlaan adopts a more sensational approach to marketing its A2 milk by claiming drinking A2 milk will prevent kids from being exposed to type-1 diabetes.


Photo Credit: Amlaan Dairy

It would be interesting to see how ABC Kogen markets its A2 cows milk in Indonesia.


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