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Indomie rides Ayam Geprek popularity

Image from Indomie

Indonesia’s top instant noodle maker Indomie has unveiled another foodservice inspired creation – Hype Abis Rasa Ayam Geprek. Ayam Geprek is described by Cindy C.R. from Cookpad as is essentially a “fried chicken but crushed and mixed with raw “sambal bawang.”

The dish first appeared in Yogyakarta in 2003 and was made popular by the celebrity and food entrepreneur Ruben Onsu who owns an Ayam Grepek chain called Geprek Bensu. The dish is extremely spicy and the spiciness is its unique selling point.

Ayam Geprek was the most popular meal in Indonesia ordered through GrabFood with 13 million meals delivered in 2018. With Ayam Geprek, Indomie is creating yet another a buzz with extreme spicy flavour following the launch of the two previous spicy noodles by its cup noodle brand Pop Mie – Pedes Dower (soup) and Pedes Gledeek (dry)

It proves once again Indomie is leading the instant noodle innovation with unique and trending flavours.


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