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7-Eleven debuts Sundae Unicorn Magic in a Cone

Philippine Seven Corp, the operator of the 7-Eleven franchise in the Philippines, continued to bring new innovation in sundae with the latest launch of Sundae Unicorn Magic in a Cone. The sundae taps into the unicorn food trend that is become a source of innovation for food and drinks globally. Sundae Unicorn Magic in a Cone is a rainbow of blue vanilla and pink chocolate flavors in one magical cone and is selling for PHP 15.

7-Eleven Philippines has previously introduced Sundae Bubblegum, Neon, Belgian Chocolate, Float and Ube Halo-Halo. These sundae innovations play a crucial role in attracting footfall. Across the region, convenience store retailers are innovating with indulgent ice cream to stand out from competitors. We expect more in-store ice cream innovations with bizzare and interesting flavours in the near future.


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