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7-Eleven, Razer Merchant Services and Ninja Van Bridge the Gap for E-commerce Entrepreneurs

(L-R) Harvey, Eng and Halim demonstrating the Razer Parcel+ service

SHAH ALAM, 12 December 2019 –7-Eleven Malaysia, Razer Merchant Services and Ninja Van ink a partnership that opens up prolific opportunities known as Razer Parcel+ for e-commerce players to step up their game by enjoying the convenience of processing their parcel with Ninja Van at selected 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia. This tripartite partnership offers shippers the access to a myriad of reliable services offered by Ninja Van that could potentially boost the overall performance of their businesses and provide them with a peace of mind to further expand their businesses, hassle-free.

The initiative is expected to be rolled out as soon as early November 2019 starting from the 7-Eleven outlets in major cities such as Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang areas and eventually to more than 2,400 outlets across Malaysia to ensure smooth coordination between the three parties that guarantee reliable services for the shippers. This partnership will encourage e-commerce entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and be part of the booming digital economy.

7-Eleven Malaysia CEO, Colin Harvey said, “We’re delighted to welcome on-board the 3rd major logistics partner, Ninja Van to Razer’s Parcel+ service which further reinforces our vision of being the best retailer of convenience. Our unrivalled store presence and operating hours, of which most are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will provide consumers the flexibility to drop by at their convenience to collect their parcels and at the same time pay their bills or enjoy a Slurpee® or two and this further complements our continuous roll-out of the best, most in-demand, trending and exclusive merchandizes, enhanced store look and feel and rewarding loyalty campaigns.”

Head of Razer Merchant Services, Eng Sheng Guan said “Razer Parcel+ is a universal platform that works 24-hours for all e-commerce, marketplace, logistic providers, and the public at large where everyone can enjoy a seamless shipping experience. Rest assured, your parcels will be secured safely behind our counters and under constant surveillance.”

Country Head of Ninja Van Malaysia, Adzim Halim said “We strongly believe that convenience is the core unique selling point for Ninja Van Malaysia and through this partnership with 7-Eleven and Razer Merchant Services, we could effectively lay a robust foundation to achieve that. By allowing shippers to process their parcels at any 7-Eleven outlets nationwide, we are unlocking more opportunities for shippers to enjoy the reliable services offered by Ninja Van but also helping businesses connect regardless of its size to expand their reach throughout Southeast Asia, one delightful delivery at a time.”

For shippers who are keen to use Razer Parcel+ feature, it is important to note that all deliveries must first be created through Ninja Van’s dashboard available online and at this juncture, the service is limited to small parcels only (80cm cumulative). Shippers will then complete the transaction by transferring funds through Razer Merchant Services which can be conveniently linked to any preferred credit or debit card creating a seamless delivery experience for all.

There will be no additional charge to enjoy this feature and recipients could request their parcels to be directed to a pick-up or drop off (PUDO) points instead of the typical home deliveries. Upon arrival, Ninja Van will send messages daily to alert recipients of their parcel whereabout, giving them the option to collect it at no additional cost at all.


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