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From Woman to Women: Burger King Surprises ‘Burger Queens’ on International Women’s Day

KUALA LUMPUR: Today is your day, burger queens! Head on to the nearest Burger King and you may just receive a surprise yourself.

Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd, the franchise owner of Burger King Malaysia surprises Malaysian Female burger lovers with its Women’s Day edition burger packaging.

The surprise: Burger King is serving burgers in a limited number of special edition box at all of its 105 outlets throughout Malaysia to  female customers. A vanity mirror is attached at the inner side of the burger box cover with the message, “Each and every one of you is unique. Happy International Women’s Day Burger Queen!”

The International Women’s Day, said Cosmo Restaurants Sdn Bhd Head of Marketing Goh Yin Yin is a very significant event to the company.

“Not only does Burger King in Malaysia have a woman CEO, one third of our management team are women and half of its staff force are women.

“A large part of our customers are women too! Hence, we would leverage on this special day to surprise our female customers and remind them of how special they are.

“Being a woman myself, I experience and understand the unique situation women face every day in the pursuit of a career and trying to strike a balance in our personal lives caring for our parents, siblings, friends and if married, children and husband.

“Granted that every one of us is unique, but what unites us all as women is our amazing ability to be the bread winner when the situation calls for it and at the same time be the utmost nurturing care-giver to everyone around us… We all deserve to wear a crown!” said Goh adding the mirror in the box is to remind its female customers on their special and unique role in society.

Goh said that Burger King female customers who purchase burgers that come in the special edition boxes may choose to participate in a selfie contest on that day to stand a chance to win a RM300 gift card for a renown cosmetic retail brand.

Another sweet surprise? All female customers will also receive a 50% discount when they purchase any of the three Burger King Mushroom Swiss burger options – Double Swiss Mushroom, Single Swiss Mushroom and Mushroom Swiss tendergrill.


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