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Carabao launches Woody C+ Lock in innovative vitamin-preserving bottle

Carabao Group, the world’s leader in the beverage industry, teams up with Vuthithorn “Woody” Militajinda, Thailand’s A-list TV personality and trendsetter in healthy living, and revolutionizes vitamin C drink with the launch of a new joint venture, A Woody Drink, that produces healthy drink with world class technology. The firm is launching its first product, Woody C+ Lock, that comes in lemon flavor and C+ Lock innovation to help lock 200% vitamin C in the bottle. The specially designed green tinted bottle with screw cap is proven to help preserve the vitamin C and prevent it from breaking down by light and air. Woody C+ Lock aims to make consumers feel good and look good with the company’s belief in a huge success of Woody C+ Lock.

Mr. Sathien Setthasit, Chief Executive Officer of Carabao Group Public Co. Ltd or CBG, reveals that, “Healthy living is a big trend, and that inspires the exponential growth of healthy food and beverage industry. Woody and I had the chance to meet and discuss the opportunity of creating a beverage that benefits everyone and at the same time reflects Woody’ unique character. We both agreed that it should be a functional healthy drink that caters to the healthy living trend that is currently a big movement worldwide. Woody C+ Lock also appeals to Woody’s image as the trendsetter in healthy lifestyle.

“Carabao admires Woody’s determination to always do the best and introduce an alternative choice for healthy living for the consumers. We believe in Woody’s potential to represent Woody C+ Lock that he carefully created and as a public figure whose healthy lifestyle interests the majority of the consumers.”

Vuthithorn Militajinda or Woody, Thailand’s top TV personality and producer, says that, “I never had the chance to own a product before, and deep down I’ve always wanted to launch something that benefits a lot of the people for once in my life. And I want this product to be of the best quality. It has always been my commitment that if I set my mind on something, I will give it my best. I then met with Sathien Setthasit who ignited this idea which led to this functional healthy vitamin C drink, Woody C+ Lock, that is suitable for consumers of all ages. Especially now that we are facing the threat of flu pandemic and virus infection that affects respiratory system, we should drink more functional healthy drink, particularly vitamin C drink that boosts immune system.”

Mr. Sathien Setthasit and Woody together developed functional healthy drink, Woody C+ Lock, with Thailand’s first innovation of green tinted bottle that locks the properties of vitamin C in the bottle away from the light that accelerates the breaking down process of the vitamin. The bottle is also filled with nitrogen then locked with special cap to secure the vitamin from exposure to the air. We believe that Woody C+ Lock will refresh, nourish and bring good health to our consumers every day.

Woody C+ Lock will be available from convenient stores such as CJ Supermarket, 7-Eleven and others nationwide at 15 baht per bottle by the end of March. With marketing strategies, full online and offline promotion campaigns on both product and Woody channels and promotional activities, the company firmly believes in a huge success of Woody C+ Lock.


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