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Indomie does the unthinkable, removing mouth-watering image of its noodles from pack for Ramadan

Image from Indomie

Indomie, Indonesia top instant noodle brand, has taken its Ramadan marketing campaign to a whole new level with the launch of Indomie Special Pack 5-in-1 Edisi Ramadan.

Surprisingly, the limited-edition Indomie has a missing image of the delicious noodles that often graces the pack of Indomie instant noodle. In place of the image of the mouth-watering Indomie noodles comes a black plate and the words “Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa” or “happy fasting.”

The removal of the noodle image is seen as a conscious move to address religious sensitivity during the fasting month. The depiction of food during the fasting period may not be a respectful thing to do especially when Muslims are working hard to resist the temptation of food.

Another interesting aspect of the Indomie Ramadan pack is the commercial, which comes in two parts. The first part shows an empty plate as Muslims are still fasting, while the second video aired later in the day marks the break of fast. The narrative of the commercials are the typical do good messages found in Ramadan commercials. However, there is an added layer to the meaning of do good during the current pandemic season and that is to stay safe at home.

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