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Make A Difference to 1,000 Low-Income Families Rice Bowl — With Fave’s ‘Kasih Ramadan’ Initiative

Spend Ramadan with Fave by helping low-income families and refugees in Malaysia access food to lift the spirit of the holy month

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6 May 2020 – This Ramadan will be like no other in Malaysia. Large gatherings are prohibited and cut off from their communities, and the less fortunate and low-income families are at risk of hunger. In the spirit of #KitaJagaKita, Fave has launched an initiative under the social campaign ‘Kasih Ramadan’ to encourage Malaysians to purchase Ramadan meals for those who are hit the hardest in Malaysia.

Fave has prepared a food matching programme like no other to support 1,000 refugees, needy families and daily wage earners who struggle to access food during the month of Ramadan due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 600 meals have been donated to low-income families over the past few days which are adequate for one evening dinner of 150 families with four people.

With the help of Malaysians’ generosity, users can purchase set meals for a family of five or ten from three designated restaurants on the Kasih Ramadan website. The food will be distributed to three organisations: the Al-Hasan Volunteer Network, Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and NGOHub. Fave users are able to contribute to feed families in need by buying RM60 or RM110 deals and may share anonymous messages of encouragement or gratitude with each other.

Fave’s food matching programme provides favourite Malaysian hearty meals such as Nasi Lemak & Ayam Goreng, Nasi Kukus and Nasi Minyak freeing families from worry about where their next meal will come from during the month of fasting.

“On this occasion, with the ‘Kasih Ramadan’ campaign, we hope to continue the gift of giving and promote the spirit of solidarity and compassion by supporting the needy in Malaysia and those affected in crisis-stricken areas,” said Jake Abdullah, Managing Director for Fave Malaysia. “We understand the spirit of the holy month is lost if families are not together and if there is no access to food or earning a living during the lockdown. Hence, we are adapting our F&B and charity programmes to keeping people safe and fed while working tirelessly to identify vulnerable groups of people.”

Not only will your gift put food on the table for low-income families, but it will extend beyond to help to supply filling meals to underprivileged communities to enjoy their favourites during the holy month.

About Fave’s Kasih Ramadan Initiative

Ramadan is a time for reflection and for giving thanks. Make someone’s day through the act of gifting a simple meal.

If you would like to sponsor a meal:

  1. Purchase a meal from the Kasih Ramadan collection. You may choose as many sets as you like.
  2. Send it as a gift to kasih@myfave.com, indicating Donation under the recipient name column.
  3. Add a heartfelt message.


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