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Wings Food launches So Yumie Gelas

Indonesia-based Wings Food has recently launched So Yumie Gelas, a new convenient instant noodle that can fit a mug/glass. Riding on its success of Mie Sedaap and Mie Suksess Isi 2 in the instant noodle category, Wings Food new So Yumie Gelas contains fibre and protein making it ideal to be consumed by children as well as for the entire family. Just place the noodle in the cup and add 200ml of hot water.

So Yumie Gelas comes in three flavours – Soto Ayam, Ayam Bawang and Baso Sapi. Each pack costs only IDR 1,000.

So Yumie Gelas is a new competition in the noodle in a glass space currently dominated by Mayora’s Mi Gelas.


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