Emphasizes its full commitment to caring and protecting its customers in the new normal

Kuala Lumpur, 12th August 2020 – Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad (“Berjaya Sompo”) has launched the third and final instalment of its thematic brand campaign, “Silent Guardians – The Final Mission” to emphasize the company’s full commitment to caring and protecting Malaysians through this historic time of the pandemic.

“Silent Guardians” which was first launched in 2018, is a unique take on storytelling about how Berjaya Sompo aims to foster closer relations with all its stakeholders while leveraging on the brand’s Japanese heritage and history, from Japan to Malaysia for over 100 years. Berjaya Sompo raised up its army of heroes as part of a 3-year brand building theme from 2018 to 2020 via the use of Japanese warriors, ninja, samurai, sumo, karateka, and kendoka – protecting Malaysians every day, even without them realizing it. While the previous campaigns featured storyline about typical day to day protections ranging from household matters to car troubles and travel woes, this latest campaign features Hafiz, the main protagonist along with his silent guardians responding to the pandemic and adjusting to the new normal while remaining positive and resilient, in his quest to “Care Freely” for his community and loved ones.

Mr. Tan Sek Kee, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Sompo said, “Customer centricity has always been the driving force behind the brand. The pandemic amplified that focus for us and we recently launched multiple initiatives which included product enhancements, process digitisation and customer experience improvements to accelerate our mission and technological adoption. This latest Silent Guardians campaign encapsulates our on-going customer centric commitment as well as the spirit of care and protection that we value for our customers and all Malaysians.”

“In 2017, a market research that we conducted revealed that Malaysians had low awareness of our brand, our Japanese heritage and our Malaysian expertise in insurance. As a result, Silent Guardians theme was born. I am pleased to see that in its third and final year, the brand campaign has delivered the business and brand objectives for us, with our brand awareness increasing by 3-5 points year-on-year since 2018, which facilitated the opening up of new customer segments and our market share growing in tandem,” added Mr. Tsuyoshi Seto, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Sompo.

Berjaya Sompo called for a pitch in December 2019 to look for an integrated agency to bring the final mission of the Silent Guardians to life and appointed FCB Malaysia in March 2020 after a pitch presentation which included two other agencies. This appointment, however, coincided with the onset of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia which required the company to rethink its approach and strategy by bringing the brand authenticity and purpose to the forefront.

Mawarni Adam, Head of Brand, Marketing Communications and CX said, “We had always envisioned 2020 to be the year where the final instalment of the 3-year theme took place. However, when the pandemic hit, not only the original plan to leverage on Tokyo 2020 was no longer possible but the final campaign itself almost didn’t materialize. Although we were presented with a multitude of challenges that could derail our brand initiative, we felt that it was still important for the brand to maintain its presence and to continue with its awareness campaign this year. With a strong collaboration between Berjaya Sompo and FCB Malaysia, we successfully pivoted into a new narrative, befitted an evolving brand that cares for its customers.”

“Silent Guardians – The Final Mission” campaign runs from 10 August to 20 December 2020 and will also feature two sales-driven tag-on promotions, scheduled for end of August for the first one, and November 2020 for the second one. For more information about Berjaya Sompo’s latest campaign, please visit: www.berjayasompo.com.my/silentguardians


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