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MAGGI Launches MAGGI Kitchen for delivery to your doorstep

Nestle in Thailand has diversified into the food delivery business with the creation of Maggi Kitchen.

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Indochina, said that over the past 60 years, MAGGI has established unique memories through delicious meals for Thai people. We’re glad that we’ve got this chance to leverage our culinary expertise by using MAGGI sauce, which is a favorite among Thai consumers, into the launch of MAGGI Kitchen. This kitchen will transform your everyday food into a more delectable dish thanks to MAGGI sauce. Currently, people tend to be more conscious of their health, especially the food they eat, but lack time to cook. MAGGI Kitchen is now ready to respond to this need. We have carefully selected delicious and quality menus to be served through food delivery applications.

Chef Gigg Kamol

For the initial phase, we boast 16 familiar menu items upgraded by Chef Gigg Kamol with the selection of high quality, fresh ingredients and a perfect blend of MAGGI sauce. As a result, we are determined that every time you unbox the food ordered from MAGGI Kitchen, you will experience freshness as if you were having it at the restaurant. We expect that our handpicked menus will fulfill appetite of the new generations and be a favorite alternative of consumers.”

Unilever has adopted a similar approach for its Knorr porridge brand. Knorr Pinto represents the upgraded instant porridge that provides restaurant-like quality through the use of freshly cooked toppings. The extra convenience is provided by leveraging on home delivery.

The menus boasted by MAGGI Kitchen are divided into 2 categories: MAGGI Kitchen Signature, which has been created by MAGGI’s chef team, and MAGGI Kitchen x Chef Gigg.

MAGGI Kitchen x Chef Gigg creations feature the combinations of Thai and Chinese styles including Victory Monument’s Rice Noodle Pad Thai (THB 89) and Beef Tongue Stew with Rice (THB 259).

Dishes from MAGGI Kitchen Signature comprise MAGGI Caramelized Pork with Rice (THB 89) seasoned with original MAGGI Red Cap and MAGGI Grilled Chicken with Rice (THB 129) showered with spice and a rich sauce from MAGGI, as well as condiment sauces and MAGGI Oyster Sauce.

Every single order made by MAGGI Kitchen will be well packed in food boxes that are recyclable. In this regard, consumers can also opt out of plastic cutlery when ordering the foods from service providers’ platforms.

MAGGI Kitchen is ready to serve these delicacies to all of you from now on through leading food applications, such as Grab Food, Food Panda, LINEMAN and Gojek. Have yourself updated on further information and news at our official Instagram account @MAGGI_Kitchen_Thailand.


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