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Laughing Cow cheese cube with bird nest for stronger body

Image by La Vache Qui Rit

Bird nest is enjoying its heyday as a food and drink ingredient in Vietnam. The Laughing Cow (Con bò cười) or La Vache Qui Rit has recently joined the fray with the launch of cheese cube with bird nest.

The cheese cube by Bel Vietnam features the use of real bird nest as well as vitamin A, D, calcium, and zinc for healthy bone and stronger immune system. ️The bird nest content is 10mg/100g.

In the dairy segment, we have seen bird nest in fresh milk and yogurt drink. We could be seeing bird nest being applied into more milk-based products. Cheese cube with bird nest could potentially be exported to China where consumers already have a strong awareness of the benefit of bird nest.

La Vache Qui Rit Le Cube Premium Bird Nest (78g) contains 15 cubes and is priced at a premium of VND 55,000 (USD 2.4) per pack. As a comparison, La Vache Qui Rit Le Cube with 12 cubes (78g) without bird nest has a lower price tag selling at VND 40,000.


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