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Nestle launches Nescafé Triple Espresso and a challenge for gamers

Image by Nestle Thailand

Nestlé Thailand has launched Nescafé Triple Espresso to offer the extra alertness and energy to support your daily activities. Nescafé Triple Espresso is positioned as ideal for gamers.

It features three shots of espresso blended with real milk. NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO also contains vitamin B and vitamin D, which perfectly reflects the concept of “Great Intense Taste x3 with Vitamins.” The new product is aimed at the new generation of consumers, gamers, and energy drink customers who want to stay wide awake while caring for their health.

To appeal to gamers, Nestlé has introduced a Nescafé Triple Espresso eSports Challenge. It is the first esports tournament that gives coffee drinkers a chance to team up with pro players and celebrities in RoV games for three weeks to win prizes totaling over THB 500,000.

Click here for more information about the challenge.

NESCAFE TRIPLE ESPRESSO coffee with vitamins is an innovation that aims to penetrate the ready-to-drink coffee market by focusing on the upper mainstream segment. It also marks NESCAFE’s biggest product launch in the first half of 2021.

The ready-to-drink coffee market is showing positive signs with steady growth in 2021. In 2020 consumers’ lifestyles saw a major shift to staying and working at home, which led to a -5% decline in growth for Thailand’s THB 12 billion ready-to-drink coffee market. Thanks to its innovations and marketing campaigns that strongly resonated with consumers, NESCAFE was a key driver for the market last year with growth exceeding the market rate.

Click here for the press release.


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