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This Mother’s Day, Spoil Mum with the Gift of Lyre’s

Lyre's Blood Orange Spritz

With Mother’s Day around the corner, how about spicing up the usual breakfast in bed or bouquet of flowers, with a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink with Lyre’s instead?

Created with love, Lyre’s is the perfect treat to get mum’s stamp of approval. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits were crafted to pay homage to the flavours of the world’s most time-tested spirits, made to look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the originals that inspired them. Made from a mix of natural flavours, extracts and distillates derived from fruits, botanicals, spices, seeds and other natural sources, the products contain flavour notes that are a tribute to classic alcohol’s warmth on the palate. Lyre’s provides a delicious alternative for those who do not wish to drink alcohol but still want to kick back with a cool, relaxing beverage, elevating a mixed drink into something special.

Lyre’s Gin Gin Mule

Lyre’s offers an easy solution for gift packs for mom, gifting one free bottle when you buy four from Lyre’s award-winning range of 13 non-alcoholic spirits online from 1 – 8 May. Lyre’s has even shared new recipes on their website, so you’ll be able shake up non-alcoholic versions of mum’s favourite drinks for every occasion…

  • Customise a Mother’s Day brunch just for mum with a Lyre’s Cosmopolitan – There’s nothing better for mum to wake up to then a decadent brunch, with a zesty, tart Lyre’s Cosmopolitan alongside it. In a shaker, combine 1 ½ parts of Lyre’s White Cane Spirit and ½ part Lyre’s Orange Sec, 1 part cranberry juice, ½ part lime juice, ¼ part white sugar syrup and a twist of lemon. Shake briefly with ice, and strain into a coupette glass garnished with an orange slice.
  • If you’re planning a Mother’s Day picnic – The Lyre’s Blood Orange Spritz is a perfect summer companion for a hot day. Just pour 1 part Lyre’s Italian Orange and 1 part Lyre’s Orange Sec over ice and top with 3 parts of a premium blood orange soda. To make it extra special, serve in a large or stemless wine glass, and garnish with a blood orange slice and rosemary sprig.
  • Pamper mum with a massage & mule combo – The same way a massage soothes tired muscles, the warming ginger flavours of the Lyre’s Gin Mule will relax mum from the inside out. Mix 2 parts Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, with 3 parts of a premium ginger ale, ½ part of lime juice, ½ part of white sugar syrup and 8 mint leaves. Finish the drink off with a plump sprig of mint.
  • Up the ante on a home-cooked dinner by serving it with Lyre’s Contessa Negroni – Start your meal with this classic aperitivo, pouring 1 part Lyre’s Apértif Dry with 1 part Lyre’s Italian Spritz and 1 part Lyre’s Dry London Spirit. If you’d like, add 2 drops of tonic bitters, and stir briefly over fresh ice before serving garnished with a lemon slice.


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