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Purra new vitamin water features goji berries and ginkgo

Singha’s Purra water brand has added two more flavours to its vitamin water, which was first launched in Thailand in 2020 to compete in the booming vitamin water category.

The overall vitamin water market in Thailand grew 204% in the year to May 2021 to reach 79 million litres worth THB 2,734 million. Purra has a 3.7% share and aims to reach a 10% market share in two years.

Purra Vitamin Water Kyoho Grape features a blend of vitamin C and B as well as goji berries to nourish the eyes and fight free radicals.

Purra Vitamin Water Orange also has vitamin C and B as well as ginkgo leaves to nourish the brain and lower cholesterol.

The drinks are sugar-free and calorie-free. The vitamins are imported from Germany.

The price of the new drink (500ml) is THB 19 and is available at 7-Eleven and other modern retail outlets.

The latest launch by Purra show the vitamin water category is moving towards not just having different vitamin combination but is now encompassing more functional claims with the addition of herbs. We expect to see more traditional herbal ingredients in vitamin water soon.


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