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Del Monte Vinamilk officially launched in the Philippines

Del Monte-Vinamilk, the joint venture between Del Monte Philippines and Vinamilk, has official launched their new range of ready-to-drink milk, yogurt and milk tea products in the Philippines.

The products include Del Monte-Vinamilk Fresh Milk, IQ Smart Flavored Milk, YoGurt Drink and Tea Bliss Milk Tea. IQ Smart Flavored Milk contains omega 3 & 6 that helps with brain function, vitamin A for eye health and B vitamins for energy production. IQ Smart Flavoured Milk (180ml & 110ml) helps kids face the challenges of tough school days. It is available in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

YoGurt Drink (180ml & 110ml) is formulated with Power 10 vitamin including folic acid, available in mixed fruits and strawberry flavours. The fresh milk (180ml) is free from antibiotics and has no preservatives.

Tea Bliss Milk Tea (180ml) is made with creamy milk and real black tea, with a wintermelon flavor.

The joint venture is rolling out dairy products in small pack sizes to facilitate trial. The products are affordably priced to target the mass market. We expect there will be more room to innovate once consumers become familiar with Del Monte Vinamilk including the potential to explore new formats.

Click here to purchase the new products on Del Monte’s official store on Shopee.


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