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F&N and NEA embark on the next phase of the Recycle N Save programme

Multi Rewards Reverse Vending Machine Photo credit: F&N Singapore

 Programme will have greater community engagement, industry involvement and different Reverse Vending Machine locations

Singapore, 24 January 2022 – Encouraged by the positive results so far, F&N Foods, supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA) will embark on the next phase of the ongoing Recycle N Save initiative to engage more people to join in the nationwide effort to recycle their beverage plastic bottles and aluminium cans through deposits in Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs).

Since the launch of the Recycle N Save initiative in October 2019, about nine million plastic drink bottles and aluminum drink cans have been collected through 50 smart RVMs deployed across Singapore and in schools. The aim of the programme is to encourage Singaporeans to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle by offering them a convenient and rewarding way to recycle empty plastic drink bottles and aluminium drink cans. The RVMs are automated machines which utilise advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and compact empty aluminium drink cans and plastic drink bottles for recycling. 

Ms Jennifer See, Managing Director, F&N Foods Pte Ltd said, “In the new phase of Recycle N Save, we will be redeploying the RVMs to more schools and also to new locations such as business parks, office buildings, and mixed developments. By doing so, we hope to widen our reach and deepen our engagement with the community through educational outreach and newly forged collaborations with corporate partners. The outreach campaign will include activities such as design competitions and talks, all organised with the aim to encourage more people to embrace the habit of recycling.”

Mr Ram Bhaskar, NEA’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Environmental Protection) and Director-General of Environmental Protection said, “Recycling is a key strategy in prolonging the lifespan of our only landfill, Semakau Landfill and in reducing our carbon emissions. We are very heartened by the results of the first phase of the Recycle N Save initiative. Since the RVM operations resumed one and a half years ago, the deposit rate has been steadily increasing. With new collaboration partners and stepped up outreach and engagement efforts in the second phase, we hope to build on this momentum and encourage even more Singaporeans to join in the nationwide effort to recycle their beverage containers.  This will contribute towards Singapore’s goal of increasing the recycling rate to 70 per cent by 2030.”

A key partner in this new phase is Artacia, a design and technology company, which will work with artists and designers to upcycle the beverage containers collected through the RVMs into 3D-printed artworks such as everyday objects like benches and planters. Updates on upcoming events and new locations of the RVMs can be found on the initiative’s microsite, RecycleNSave.sg.

Containers are deposited into the RVM with bottoms facing inwards
Photo credit: NEA
All containers collected from the RVMs are sent for recycling
Photo Credit: NEA


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