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Mama Roz Jeju White Peach provides glowing complexion

Mama Roz, the cold-pressed juice brand from Indonesia, has recently launched Jeju White Peach Cold Press and Jeju White Peach Smoothies to provide glowing complexion throughout the day.

The new range taps into imported Jeju white peaches to deliver edible beauty benefits. White peach is also said to be less acidic compared to yellow peaches therefore making it safer for gastric acid.

Jeju White Peach Smoothies are formulated with almond and oat to deliver digestive health. The smoothies are described as the “perfect breakfast for glowing skin.” Korean White Peach has been popular for centuries as the fruit of beauty as it helps the body to form collagen and contains high level of vitamin C that makes the skin radiates.

Jeju White Peach Cold Press is to be consumed before sleeping to enjoy a glowing skin. Vitamin A, C, and D from the white peach is essentials to help minimize wrinkles, improves skin texture, and skin radiance, while anti-oxidant plays a vital role in forming collagen. Collagen acts as the support system for the skin, promoting wound healing and enhancing skin barrier.


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