Home Country Indonesia Eat rujak together with new BonCabe Bumbu Rujak Buah

Eat rujak together with new BonCabe Bumbu Rujak Buah

PT Kobe Boga Utama has launched a new spicy seasoning that goes well with Indonesia’s popular rujak (fruit salad dish). Known as BonCabe Bumbu Rujak Buah,  the new seasoning has a spicy intensity of 10, which is below the level 50 that BonCabe has for its spiciest seasoning. BonCabe Bumbu Rujak Buah has a mix of spicy, sour and sweet taste that goes well in the fruit salad dish.

The latest launch shows how Kobe Boga Utama targets specific usage occasion and in this case rujak, which makes the seasoning relavent for both foodservice and in-home usages.

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